A Brief History of State Senior High School 1 Cilacap

Initially they were only  private schools A and C.  It was established in 1958 and it opened enrollment to the 60 first students of Junior High School 1 Cilacap. Teaching and Learning activities have been undertaken to move in the following places: from SGB 6 years (SPG and now State Senior High School 3 Cilacap), then moved to the Arts Building in Cilacap Port  (building barriers given), and then to the Junior High School 2 Cilacap in Kandang Macan – Jl. D.I. Panjaitan. Most of the teachers were from Cilacap and the others were from Purwokerto.

Based on the Letter of Ministry of Education and Culture dated on June 11, 1959 Number: 27/SK/B.II, private school A and C was changing the status of a State High School Sections A, B, C Cilacap, and temporarily located in State Junior High School 2 Cilacap . On August 1, 1959 there was a handover from Wardoyo (Head of State Junior High School 1 Cilacap) to Slamet Singawilastra ( a teacher who later became the head of the private school A and C, and became the first State Senior High School 1 Cilacap).

Based on the Warrant Signed PADIM PEKUPER Tjilatjap. Lieutenant Infantry Nasoem WS. Number: SP-PPKP/08/4/1960 dated on April,26, 1960,  the building of State Senior High School A,B, C was started to establish in Jalan MT Haryono 730 (a permanent location until now). The decision was the result of an agreement between the Regents meeting / Head of the Autonomous Region Level II Cilacap with PADIM / PUPEKUPER Cilacap and POM SMA on April, 25, 1960 on the implementation of development plans and the cost of State High School A, B, C Cilacap.

For the first time the building of State Senior High School 1 Cilacap only consisted of 4 classes that include desk, benches, blackboards, and cupboards for the purposes of the class and the teacher. The cost of the building and its contents was about Rp 144 thousand. The buildings were not all permanent (wall), but most of the walls were still using gedek (tabag). It was continued with the construction of new buildings to build six spaces accross 4 classes that already existed, and the development of the next 4 spaces connecting the two blocks facing room and U-shaped (in the middle of the field for the ceremony).

The construction of SMA Negeri 1 Cilacap was continued again on May 18, 1966 to the front building so that it could cover the letter U – shape of the building previously, and at that time to form the rectangular building. The development was carried out by the students and included the Prisoner of G 30 S / PKI in Nusakambangan under the direct supervision of Lieutenant Colonel commander of Cilacap,Hadisutomo. The Person in charge of the field was given to Major Kusworo with the help of Major Purnawarman Tugiman and former Chief of Cilacap Prison:Tugimin and Sukimin, in the field of logistics.  The building materials came from many sources, such as,it came from the villages 20 thousand of bricks, cement from Chinese businessmen, the wood from Nusakambangan, tile and Soka press from the donation of Superposfat.

The front of the new building was completed in August 17, 1967 and was inaugurated by the Governor of Central Java Munadi. This building was the gateway which consisted of 7 rooms, namely the room of  headmaster,  teachers’room , academic staff room, the library, and classrooms. Since the signing of the inauguration of the building by the Governor inscription was in August 17, 1967, from that time until now this school always celebrates  its birthday every August 17th. If we see from the change from high school Partikelit A and C into SMA A, B, C then SMAN 1 birthday is on June 11. Meanwhile, if it was viewed from the submission by the Head of SMP Negeri 1 Cilacap Wardoyo to Slamet Singawilastra as the headmaster of the private school A and C, which later became the State Senior High School A, B, C, then the birthday is on August 1.

Since its establishment until now State Senior High School 1 Cilacap has been led by 13 headmasters, they are Mr. Slamet Singawilastra, Mr.Paryadi, Mr.Basuki Rahardjo, Mr.Sumitro, Mr.Sri Waluyo Mangkudikoro, Mrs.Hastuti SK., Mr.Muhargo, Mr. Sabar Hadiwardodjo, Mr.Sutanto, Mr.Alip Suwarno, Mr.Tri Winarso, Mr.Unggul Wibowo, and who served now Mr.Drs. Aris Subekti, MM. While the overall number of teachers are now 67 people and they have good experience and knowledge so they  will be more professional.  There are also  24 administrative personnel staff who are ready to succeed its vision, mission, and school programs.